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Life Coaching, NLP and Wingwave® make a powerful combination for transformational change in swift succession. So if you’re ready to re-program your thinking and move towards a richly fulfilling and happy  future, book now for a FREE 30 minute Consultation and claim the success you truly deserve!

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Do you have a big heart but your negative self-talk holds you back?

Many people tolerate being average and exist unnoticed because they lack the self-belief and confidence to excel or instigate the credibility they deserve. My uniquely designed framework combines the powerful techniques of wingwave® coaching and NLP for effective change in a short space of time.  As a result you will smash through the barriers that limit your potential so you can propel into your richly fulfilling and happy future.

Book your free 30 minute complimentary session with me now.

Life Coaching, NLP and wingwave Coaching in Brighton

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I will work with you to:

  • Have the confidence to celebrate your worth; gain more clients, get a pay-rise, change your career, believe you are the expert in your field!
  • Banish internal negative self talk; have a healthy relationship with your inner voice so you can radiate a positive mindset.
  • Own your decisions and interact with people confidently so you attract nice friends and have long lasting relationships.
  • Kick away apprehension and anxiety; you wake up in the morning with energy, clarity and passion for the day ahead.
  • Have a balanced relationship with your body; change the way you feel in your own skin, strengthening your self respect and boosting your self worth.
  • Improve your relationship with money; feel abundant, worthy, deserving and comfortable in the energy of giving and receiving money.
Forth Horizons

In the story of Dumbo, Timothy the mouse convinced the baby elephant that he could fly with a simple tickle of a magic feather. Timothy knew that the feather wasn’t magic at all but the belief was so powerful it created a miracle. This story is a charming metaphor of how our belief systems work.  Our personal beliefs deeply influence our faith in what we think we can, or cannot achieve.  If you have negative thoughts and low self-esteem it can be very difficult to reach your personal and professional goals because your beliefs aren’t serving you in a constructive way. As a result you miss out on many opportunities to be deeply happy and contented.

I offer face to face Life Coaching in Brighton and Hove and Worthing. I also do one to one work via Skype around the world to include UK, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Canada and America.

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